Friday, December 28, 2007

Lack of posts due to lack of internet In good ol' Stockton

Well, I have been here in Stockton for the past week, spending time with family for the holidays. It's been good times and free food. The only thing is that our internet connection in only dial-up, so access is slow and not worth it once you get online. I've been online seldomly, only when I make the occasionaly cafe trip. Rest assure, there will be more posts when I return to San Jeezy. But for now, here is a little something illustrated by me and written by friend and fellow artist, Chris McKane.

I randomly drew this, slid it across the table to Mckane and said "make him say something funny."

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Chris Palmer said...

"Absolutely brilliant!" - raves Chris Palmer of the Chris Palmer Morning and Evening and Sometimes Afternoon Tribune

"McKane and Mercado are a rare treat."