Friday, February 08, 2008

Sketch when you can..

School just started, and things are lookin' to get busy, but I try to doodle when I can. As you can see, this means fewer posts, but I'll try my best.


Chris Palmer said...

Que bueno. Mis amigos y yo nos encantamos "snowboarding". Visitarle mi "webpage" de pornagrafia.

Daniel Yu said...

Hey~ Januel~

This is YuMing here~
I found your blog from the shrunkenheadman website~

I like your sketches very much~!! I think you've developed a very interesting drawing style~

Nice works~~!

Charlene Fleming said...

The gal in the hooded jacket looks familiar...

Hey, you should totally post your Hallmark superhero guy. He made my heart happy. Super Fantastic Guy? Did I get that right?