Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Nausicaa!!

Loved her outfit, couldn't help but draw her again:


Laura Lee said...

Aww I wanna watch!!

Team Diana said...

Pretty cute Mercado.

I'll get my pic up over the weekend... if not sooner.

Chris Palmer said...

Awesome! I only remember seeing the beginning of the film. I should probably rent it.

What's Piccachu doing in there by the way? Gotta catch em all!

Jason Scheier said...


* said...

Holy Sh*t! Really sick, Jan! This takes me back to the days when I use to hang out with a bunch of break dancers at a video store. It was where I rented the this anime...but it was under a different title. I guess for the American audience. Any way, it was fun to watch. Boy, that was a while ago... Thanks for the sharing. Diggin' it.

the old guy,