Friday, January 22, 2010

Wes Anderson at DreamWorks

One of my heroes, "Fantastic Mr. Fox" director Wes Anderson, was the guest speaker at my first DreamTalks session (an event in which a professional in our industry is interviewed by DW CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg). Mr. Anderson was quite the humble, hilarious, witty, and intellectual individual. Hope the cosmos continues to let him make the movies he wants to make.

And now, from my favorite Wes Anderson movie, Miss Margot Tenenbaum:


Andrea Rhodes said...

saul and i have watched fantastic mr fox at least 10 times. drove an hour to san jose to watch it in a movie theater again last night. *tch-tch, whhi-whhiro

Andrea Rhodes said...

who am i if i don't, pardon the expression, have a chicken in my teeth?

i hope the powers at be continue to allow Wes to make his own films too

You should see the imaginarium of dr. parnassus too.....if you like time bandits n'stuff...all those old terry gilliam films....this one is just as awesome as his older work!!!

Art Fan Ako said...