Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Gift: Princess Lily

So a few years ago, my little cousin Adreanna wrote and illustrated an amazing book in her kindergarten class entitled "Princess Lily Loves Strawberries." For Christmas, I decided to draw my interpretation of Princess Lily for her. Below is the finished drawing and below that is one of Adreanna's illustrations from the book. And further below that is some development work I did before doing the final drawing.

Princess Lily and her Strawberry Plant (which, as Adreanna describes in her book, has strawberries the size of grapefruits):

Adreanna's original design for Princess Lily and her strawberry plant:

Some practice sketches:

This was alI executed pretty close to the Christmas deadline. Here's hoping to do more gifts like this for family in the future!
Stay tuned for the gift I did for her little sister, Audrey, based on the heroine of her book: "The Missing Ice Skates."


Megan Nicole Dong said...

What a great Christmas present! That's an awesome illustration. I wish that I owned a plant that grew giant strawberries.

Gabby Zapata said...

Aw these are so lovely! I remember looking back at my kindergarden drawings. Though, giant strawberries are way cooler! :)

Jmontiel said...


LampshadeMan said...

Sweet drawings man

But yeah...I hope she's got her idea copyrighted and has a good lawyer.