Monday, January 21, 2008

Monterey Bay Aquarium

A bunch of us took a trip to to Monterey yesterday for fishy fun. When I got there I sat down and did this watercolor study of a shark in the kelp forest exhibit. A cute little Asian girl, no more than four years old, kept inspecting me rather closely, and would poke my watercolor set from time to time, then would get reprimanded by her mom. The mom apologized to me, but I told her I was just glad I had a fan. She said "You definitely do." As I finished my sketch, I thought to myself "Not a bad start! This is going to be a great productive drawing day!" Afterwards I met up with my pals Chris and Nelson and from then on, no new drawings were produced. Instead, we briefly left the aquarium to go to a bar down the street for some beers. When we returned, our second attempt to draw was foiled by an astounding variety of jellyfish and our decision to point and laugh, like schoolyard bullies, at the unfortunate, physical appearance of the giant, super ugly Sun fish. Seeing all the beautiful fish made us hungry, so we went and had sushi for dinner (no joke, and my God was it delicious). So without further ado, the only drawing accomplished during a six hour visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

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Andrea Rhodes said...

that is a funny story...yep...kind of like when you go to the mall at 2 in the afternoon, leave at 6 and have 2 drawings, and no more quarters!