Thursday, January 17, 2008

Semi-blind sketches

Laura suggested we draw at Borders last night. I wasn't feeling too hot last night, I felt like I was getting sick. However, I was inspired to "man up" and go anyway, knowing that my buddy Saul went to draw despite his being sick. I'm doing slightly better but I still kinda feel like Superman wearing that chain of kryptonite.


Andrea Rhodes said...

I should have manned up and gone as well...tomarrow! tomarrow make me draw!!! Sketches are lookin' sweet!

Saul Ruiz said...

What up Jan.. just got out of bed. Ive been in the same clothes since Monday. I have and enormous beard and I am wearing Kleenex boxes for slippers. 23 ska-doo i hope you avoid the flu. Well wishes from that pip squeak Rudy Ruiz who is trying to get to the super bowl of life. Hope you feel better!